DPC Musik started his journey @ the age 4. He began to learn the piano, he took piano lessons from age 4 to age 8, after learning R&B, Jazz, Soft Gospel, and Bluegrass. He then began teaching himself how to play. From the sounds of Sam Cooke, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, R Kelly, Mr. Biggs(Ron Isley), Pharell Williams, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Peabo Bryson, and notable Gospel artists, he startedto develop an ear for the sound of music. Around the age of 10 to 11, DaPromiseChild taught hisself how to sing, singing for his church, the artist kept songs to himself until the age of 14 where he was giving a chance to show his skills. DPC moved on from playing, to a Church, to recording with the biggest powerhouse of music production down South- Ken P, CEO of TrunkBangaz Ent. As they linked together sounds from melodies on the piano, the results were hits for lovemaking and club banging. Humility is whats offered from this artist and after you hear his music, you will also know why his motto is "Imma Take you to My PromiseLand!